The President of the Republic Lays the first stone of the Regional Council of Dakhlet-Nouadhibou

Nouadhibou,  28/08/2020
Nouakchott, 28 August 2020 (AMI)-The President of the Republic H.E Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazwani presided, Thursday afternoon in Nouadhibou, the ceremony of laying the first stone of the regional council of Dakhlet-Nouadhibou. The ceremony marks the start of construction works of the headquarters of regional councils throughout the capitals of regions.
On this occasion, the President listened to the explanations about the different phases of such infrastructure constructions, the deadline of works, and the quality standards recorded in the specifications.
Afterwards, the President of the Republic unveiled the commemorative plaque of such an important project, and gave instructions on meeting the quality standards.
On this occasion, the minister of Housing, Urbanism and Regional Planning, Mme Khadijetou Mint Bouka, revealed that the construction of new headquarters of regional councils is designed according to three models based on the number of council members.
She also stated that there is a model for regional councils made up of 50 members, which is the case of cities such as: Néma, Aïoun, Kiffa, Kaédi, Aleg, Rosso, and Sélibabi.
The second model concerns the regional councils, whose members are constituted of 11 to 15. It is the case of the following cities: Atar, Tidjikja, and Zouerate.
The third model concerns the region of Dakhlet-Nouadhibou, whose regional council consists of 21 members.
The overall cost of the construction of these buildings is estimated at 591 350 319 MRU.
The President of the regional council of Dakhlet-Nouadhibou, Mohamed El Mamy Ould Ahmed Bezeid, indicated that the construction of such headquarters, simultaneously and at an accelerated pace, provides a positive impression of the strong political will to bring together the necessary conditions for an effect start of the development of regions.
He also added that the construction of these headquarters reinforces the credibility of the state because it provides the regional councils with modern infrastructures, allowing them to be close to the population and serving them in good conditions.
The president of the regional council noted that the execution of these vital infrastructures represents the materialization of the content of the electoral program of the president of the republic, on which the whole Mauritanian population have great hopes and aspirations, given the objectives and commitments that aim at improving the living conditions of the population in a climate of cohesion and the respect of separation of powers.
For his part, the mayor the commune of Nouadhibou, the deputy El Ghassem Ould Bellali said, addressing the President of the Republic « By choosing the city of Nouadhibou to host this important event, and before as the venue of launching your campaign of presidential election, you clearly demonstrated the importance you grant to this city, which is a small image of the whole Mauritania, and you expressed your will to give the city an important position in your program « My commitments ». We seize this occasion to confirm our unconditional support for your program.
« My commitments » and the disposition of the population of this city to follow the execution of this program in the general interest of the country».
The headquarters of the regional council of Nouadhibou, located in the center of the city, occupies an area of 5000 m2. Like each of the other projects of infrastructures, it comprises around thirty offices, a park for cars, reception services, and a conference room.
The overall cost for the achievement of the regional councils is estimated at 591 350 319 MRU. The planned duration of the construction of headquarters is 12 months.
The project is executed by the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Regional Planning, through the General Directorate of Buildings and Public Equipments. The supervision of works is provided by the SOTOM Office.

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