Mauritanian State Lawyers Hold News Conference

Nouakchott,  26/08/2020
Nouakchott 25 August 2020 (AMI)- The lawyers of the Mauritanian state (the civil party), said that the debate raised by some over Article 93 of the Constitution is settled, explaining that immunity ends with the presidential term.
The lawyers told a news conference on 25 August in Nouakchott that the immunity is related to the position and not to the person, and that filing a public lawsuit against a president after the end of his term is definitely possible.
The lawyers considered that the former President’s refusal to answer the interrogators’ questions is unjustified, if he really considers that he is innocent.
At the end of the news conference, the President of the national Order of Lawyers, Mr. Brahim Ould Ebety answered the reporters’ questions, which dealt with aspects of the issue raised, denouncing the refusal of the former president to answer the investigators.
He affirmed the attachment of the lawyer to the respect of the secrecy of the proceedings and the deliberations.
Answering a question on what the French lawyer said about the former president and the mismanagement file, Mr. Brahim Ould Ebety said that such statements do not require any comment because they are legally baseless.
It should be noted that the group, which includes 60 lawyers, was formed by the Mauritanian State to defend its interests in the mismanagement file being investigated by the security and judicial authorities.
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