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President of Republic: Policies and Reforms Adopted by Mauritania over Previous Years Have been key to Boosting Investors’ confidence and Drawing their Attention to the Country’s Capabilities

Nouakchott,  15/06/2022
The President of the Republic, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, pointed out at Africa CEO Forum in Abidjan that the policies and reforms adopted by Mauritania over the last years have been key to boosting investors’ confidence and drawing their attention to the country’s capabilities.

Under the theme: '' Invest in Mauritania'', His Excellency added that Mauritania is a country of peace, stability, security, great economic opportunities; a country where democratic debate is rich, freedoms are respected, and ideas circulate freely. Finally, the President of the Republic invited the participants to visit Mauritania to discover the various and appealing investment opportunities.

" Hello ladies and gentlemen;

First of all, let me thank the sisterly Republic of Cote d'Ivoire and Africa CEO Forum for the opportunity offered, today, to our countries to exchange directly with a large number of quality investors interested in the development of Africa.

This meeting is a good opportunity for my country to make known its investment opportunities and to renew contact with those of you who would like to support it in its efforts to build a strong, diversified, sustainable, and inclusive economy.

Mauritania presents itself to you as a country of peace, stability, security, economic opportunities, and ambitious and resolutely sustained development, a country where democratic debate is rich, where freedoms are respected and people, goods, and ideas circulate freely.

With an attractive investment code and strategic orientations focused on private sector development and public-private partnership, Mauritania offers enormous investment opportunities.

Helped in this, among other things, by its coastline of more than 700 km with an exclusive economic zone of 234,000 km2, a rich fishing potential of more than 600 listed species, and an allowable capture potential estimated at around 1.7 million tons per year, its livestock of more than 20 million head of cattle, its agricultural potential estimated at 500,000 hectares, including 135,000 irrigated hectares, and its extractable resources with high exploitation potential, including mines, oil, gas, etc.

The policies and reforms that we have undertaken over the past few years have, over the years, continued to strengthen investor confidence and arouse their interest in the country's potential.

Human capital, being an important pillar of our national development strategy, we are devoting special attention and increasing resources to health and education. The way in which we managed the COVID-19 pandemic was praised by several international institutions, and while protecting citizens, contributed to a marked improvement in our public health system, and our efforts to constantly raise the level of this improvement continue tirelessly.
In the area of education, a profound and consensual reform is currently being finalized.

In addition, over the past three years, we have made significant efforts to control our public debt. We are confident that our financial partners, at their next assessment of the Mauritanian debt sustainability, will conclude that it generates a moderate risk, which will pave the way for even more lasting fiscal stability and greater leeway for the public investment.

We have a currency at a stabilized rate raised to a good level of exchange reserve. Certainly, everywhere in the world, inflation is increasing, and we are managing its effects in Mauritania through a set of measures aimed at protecting the purchasing power of the poorest; while respecting the requirements of a responsible budgetary policy.

In partnership with our Senegalese brothers, British Petroleum, and Cosmos, we expect the production of gas next year. This will be, alongside the ore of SNIM, and the gold of KINROSS, another important milestone in the construction of the national economy, an additional reason to believe in long-term fiscal stability in Mauritania.

In the same vein, I would like to highlight my country's potential in terms of renewable energies and green hydrogen, which is currently generating strong commitment.

The first commitments were made for investments never seen in our country. This path will open a new era for Mauritania. We are preparing for it and we invite you to explore the investment opportunities it offers. The reforms recently carried out to facilitate private investment to encourage public-private partnership, particularly in the field of infrastructure and for the business climate, should accelerate the flow of investments here and specifically in the field of extractive industries.

Sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, fishing, and new technologies are very promising new investment horizons for investors of all nationalities.
In a few moments, you will be presented with projects selected and prepared on the basis of the interest they could arouse in an audience like yours.

I am confident that they will hold the attention of many of you, and assure you that the government and the administration will accompany you in their realization. And beyond this presentation, you are all invited to visit our country and discover many other safe and profitable investment opportunities.

Thank you ".

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