Kosmos Energy CEO Describes Mauritania as Important Energy Player

Nouakchott,  24/05/2022
On 24 May, Mr. Andrew G. Inglis, the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Kosmos Energy, said that his company is determined to play its role in developing energy sector in Mauritania.

In a presentation on the prospects for the development of the gas sector in Mauritania, he added that the supply of energy is a major issue among the challenges facing Mauritania, while emphasizing that the opportunities are enormous at the same time as the associated risks.

Mr. Inglis pointed out that the company's fundamental plan is to export gas to market while ensuring the sustainability of renewable energy.

At the end of his presentation, he pointed out that thanks to the vision of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mauritania intends to engage actively in the field of energy.
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