World Bank Representative Affirms Institution Commitment To Supporting Mauritania in Energy Transition

Nouakchott,  24/05/2022
On 24 May, Ms. Cristina Isabel Panacos Santos, the Resident Representative of the World Bank to Mauritania, indicated that her institution is committed to supporting Mauritania within the framework of a sustainable partnership that opens up to the energy transition.

During a speech at the meeting on energy and mining strategies, she added that this event marks the beginning of a long path full of challenges and hopes. Furthermore, the World Bank’s representative explained that it is necessary to highlight the important work carried out by the Mauritanian government to develop a new declaration of energy policy. Such a declaration aligns with the Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Shared Prosperity (SCAPP), sets the main lines of development of the Energy sector, and favors the low-carbon energy transition through the deployment of renewable energies for a green and inclusive economy. That is our common goal, as she put it.

She stressed that the World Bank Group is proud to support Mauritania to open this transition path by continuing its commitment to the energy sector and integrating climate action into the country's major development programs.

Ms. Cristina said she was delighted with the implementation of this new dynamic, including in its entirety the contribution of private actors and the various companies associated with hydrogen.
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