New Mauritanian Government Appointed

Noukachott,  10/08/2020
Nouakchott, 09/08/2020 (AMI)-The Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Mr. Adama Bokar Soko, announced, during a news briefing on 9 August at the Presidential Palace, the composition of the new government .
In an Op-Ed the Minister Secretary General said that following instructions of the President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania H.E M. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazwani, the appointment of the government members is to be announced according to new rules to inform officially the general public opinion at the right moment. «This is a new procedure that facilitates the national and international media’s access to the information sources directly. The presence of Medias and journalists to this ceremony proves the reality of the new option ».
The Minister Secretary General emphasizes that the government reshuffle was dictated by the investigations of the Parliamentary Committee.
«The President of the Republic, as a guardian of the constitution, believes strongly in the separation of powers. The president had never intervened and will never intervene in the work of the judiciary and legislative powers and will take into consideration their decisions».
M. Adama Bokar Soko has reminded that the names of some of the resigned government members were cited in the parliamentary inquiry committee report. «While respecting the principle of innocence, it was decided to give the presumed time to prove that .That is why they were affected by the change.
« The President will not hesitate to call for the expertise of some of them in case their innocence is proven in the future».
The Minister Secretary General focused that the government has been formed based on certain changes such as:
-Merging both Basic and Secondary education sectors into one Ministry while maintaining the principle of reform centralization.
-Integrating of the Ministry Delegate in Charge of Investment and Industrial Development into that of Economy and Industry.
-Taking into account certain equilibriums in the social and political map
-Developing team work spirit and governmental solidarity by naming new persons in the executive power.
-Accelerating the pace of implementation and follow up of the President’s programs while maintain the principle interpellation and accountability.
M. Adama Bokar Soko finally presented the composition of the appointed government, which came as follows:
- Minister of Justice , Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Cheikh Abdoullah Ould Boya
- Minister of Foreign Affairs ,Cooperation and Mauritanians Abroad , Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed
- Minister of Defense , Hanenna Ould Sidi
- Minister of Interior and Decentralization , Dr. Ahmed Salem Ould Merzoug
- Minister of Economy and Productive Sectors Promotion , M. Ousmane Mamoudou Kane.
- Minister of Finance, Mohamed Lemine Ould Dhéhbi.
- Minister of Islamic Affairs and Original Education, Dah Ould Sidi Ould Amar Taleb.
- Minister of National Education, Technical Training and Reforms, Mohamed Melainine Ould Eyih.
- Minister of Oil, Energy, and Mines, Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh
- Minister of Public Service, Labor and Modernization of Administration , Dr.Camara Mohamed Saloum.
- Minister of Health, Nedhirou Ould Hamed.
- Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Abdel Aziz Ould Dahi.
- Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Naha Mint Hamdy Ould Moukness.
- Minister of Housing, Urbanism, and Land Planning, Khadijettou Mint Bouka.
- Minister of Rural Development, Dy Ould Zein.
- Minister of Equipment and Transports, Mohamedou Ould M’Haïmid.
- Minister of Water and Sanitation, Sidi Ahmed Ould Ahmed.
- Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Information and Communication Technologies, Spokesperson of the Government, Dr.Sidi Ould Salem.
- Minister of Culture, Handicraft and Relations with Parliament , Lemrabott Ould Bennahi
- Minister of Employment, Youth and Sports, Taleb Ould Sid’Ahmed
- Minister of Social Affairs ,Chidhood and Family , Naha Mint Haroune Ould Cheikh Sidiya
- Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development , Mariem Bekaye
- Minister Secretary General of the Government , Ahmedou Tidjane Thiam.
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