Our Country Participates in Joint Ministerial Meeting of agriculture and water in Arab world

Nouakchott,  27/01/2022
On 27 January, our country participated, through visual communication technology, in the work of the second meeting of the Joint Ministerial Council for Agriculture and Water of the League of Arab States, organized by the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, whose general assembly is currently chaired by our country.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Ould Al Namine, who is in charge of a mission in the Cabinet of the Minister of Agriculture, representing the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Sidina Ould Ahmed Ali, gave a speech in which he valued the tireless efforts made by the concerned countries to advance the agriculture and water sectors, wishing success for this important meeting.

He said that the Cairo Declaration 2019 and the outcomes of subsequent related meetings, the latest of which was the third meeting of the High-level Committee, which was held on October 26, 2021, constituted basic references for joint Arab action on agriculture and water, adding that they would inevitably, God willing, enable them to develop plans to ensure the proper management of these two important sectors, stronghold and benefit from all capabilities in light of the great challenges facing the region.

And he indicated that the peoples of the region depend a lot on the results of this meeting and the decisions that will be issued by it, in addition to joint work in the future to ensure maximum benefit to face the many and complex challenges, foremost of which is climatic changes that have clearly affected on our Arab region.

He also added that these effects are more evident in the scarcity of water resources, the decline in agricultural productivity, and the constant concern among practitioners of this profession, including farmers, producers, and investors, which requires decision-makers, experts, and technicians more than ever to find quick solutions and lay the foundations for the advancement of agriculture in light of these circumstances, and circumstances of the management of water tightly.

The ministers participating in this meeting discussed several topics related mainly to examining the recommendations of the High-level Joint Technical Committee on Water and Agriculture on the draft guidelines for the sustainable distribution of water resources quotas for agriculture and the use of non-conventional water resources for agriculture.
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