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First Lady: Successful Care for Children with Disabilities Requires Roles Integration between Public Authorities, Civil Society and Mothers’ Children

Nouakchott,  21/01/2022
On 21 January, the First Lady, Dr. Mariem Fadel Dah, affirmed the importance of complementing the roles between public authorities, civil society organizations, and mothers of children with disabilities, in order to enable successful and comprehensive support for these children.

She added in a speech during her supervision today in the city of Zouerate of the launch of the program to support the promotion of social protection and the empowerment of vulnerable groups in the state of Tiris Zemmour, that her visit to this state comes in order to supervise the launch of a package of activities for the benefit of vulnerable groups in general and children with disabilities in particular.

She said that these activities were in response to the concerns of the mothers of these children and their continuous search to find centers for training and social promotion for children with disabilities, noting that these centers intersect with their interests in national charitable and humanitarian work.

The First Lady pointed out that each center that was built will fulfill a wish and at the same time relieves the suffering and pain of mothers who have suffered for a long time.

She appreciated the role played by the public authorities, which consider helping and empowering these vulnerable groups and children with multiple disabilities one of their main priorities.

She explained that the process of taking care of these groups and children with multiple disabilities is complex and not simple and requires three main axes: establishing centers and an educational cadre to oversee their management, and mobilizing and sensitizing the beneficiaries of these services.
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