Prime Minister Leaves for UAE

Nouakchott,  09/01/2022
On 9 January, Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal Messaoud left Nouakchott for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to oversee the Mauritanian National Day festivities at Expo 2020 Dubai.

He was greeted, at the Nouakchott Oumtounsy international airport, by the Minister of the Interior and Decentralization, Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Merzoug, some members of the government, the deputy director of the Prime Minister's cabinet, the wali mouçaid of Western Nouakchott, and the Chairperson of the Nouakchott region.

A large delegation accompanies the Primer Minister during this trip. It includes particularly:
- Mr. Ousmane Mamadou Kane, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Promotion of Productive Sectors;

- Mr. Dy Ould Zein, the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy;

- Mr. Sidna Ould Ahmed Ely, the Minister of Agriculture;

- Ms. Naha Mint Hamdy Ould Mouknass, the Minister of Trade, Industry, Handicrafts, and Tourism;

- Mr. Diallo Amadou Samba, the Minister Secretary-General of the Government;

- Ms. Aicha Vall Verges, the Director of the Prime Minister's Cabinet;

- Mr. Mohamed Ali Ould Sidi Mohamed, the President of the Nouadhibou Free Zone;

- Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Salem Ould Mohamed Rare, the Ambassador of Mauritania to the United Arab Emirates;

- Mr. Mohamed Yahya Ould Ahmed Ghadhi, Advisor to the Prime Minister in charge of oil and energy;

- Ms. Hindou Mint Ainina, Advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister in charge of political affairs;

- Ms. Hbiba Mint Ahmedou, Advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister in charge of education and culture;

- Mr. Yeslem Could Hemdane, the Director-General of Government Action Coordination at the General Secretariat of the Government;

- Mr. Mohamed Ould Behnass, the Director of Prime Minister's Protocols;

- Representatives of some ministerial departments;

- Three MPs;

- A delegation of the National Union of Mauritanian Employers, led by its President, Mr. Mohamed Zein El Abidine Ould Cheikh Ahmed;

- Public and private journalists.
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