Environment Minister Meets With UK Regional Ambassador for COP26

Nouakchott,  06/11/2021
On 6 November, Ms. Mariem BEKAYE, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, held a working meeting devoted to the issue of climate change at the local level with HE Ms. Janet Rogan, the UK regional Ambassador for COP26, for the Middle East and Africa, and in the presence of Ms. Fatimetou Abdel Malick, the Chairperson of the Nouakchott Region.

After expressing her joy to welcome together the representatives of the Mauritanian State to the COP26, accompanied by local elected representatives in Glasgow, Ms. Rogan highlighted the leadership of the United Kingdom in the field of sustainable development and the fight against climate changes. To this end, she recalled the action of her country's presidency of the COP26, the challenges, and expectations of the climate negotiations.

The local elected representatives presented the situation of local communities in Mauritania, particularly the cities which remain the main victims of climate change and their devastating consequences, especially in coastal urban centers, such as the city of Nouakchott, but also in rural communities with high dependence on natural resources combined with phenomena of drought and desertification.

The question is then to know how the dual perspective for cities to engage in sustainable development and adaptation to climate change and which is likely to put them in a situation to consolidate their primacy over any other form of human organization and to produce innovative solutions.

The two parties converge on a common observation considering that local communities can carry out transformative action, to achieve the objectives of sustainable development and thus build a world without carbon, resilient in the face of climate change, and socially just.

Ms. BEKAYE recalled the Mauritanian government's willingness to work with local communities, adopting an inclusive and human-centered approach to the planning and management of cities.

Quant aux élus locaux, ils ont manifesté leur engagement pour montrer la voie à suivre pour mieux réduire les émissions à l’échelle et à la vitesse nécessaires et garantir un avenir résilient à leurs habitants, à atténuer les risques et à trouver des solutions durables.

Mme Rogan a manifesté la disponibilité de son gouvernement à assister la Mauritanie et ses collectivités locales dans leur action climatique, pour une meilleure résilience au changement climatique.
She considers that resilient infrastructure, early warning systems, and financial instruments that mitigate risks are essential tools for cities, which strive to adapt and protect the lives and livelihoods of their inhabitants.

As for local elected officials, they have shown their commitment to show the way forward to better reduce emissions and at the speed needed and ensure a resilient future for their inhabitants, mitigate risks, and find sustainable solutions.

Ms. Rogan expressed her government's readiness to assist Mauritania and its local communities in their climate action, for better resilience to climate changes.
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