Environment Minister Urges Mauritanian Delegation to COP26 To Forge Beneficial Partnerships in Various Sectors of Activity

Nouakchott,  04/11/2021
On 4 November, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ms. Mariem Bekaye, held a working meeting with the Mauritanian delegation participating in the COP26 Climate Summit, being held in Glasgow (United Kingdom), to provide an update on the participation of the country and the stakes behind the said conference, according to a press statement sent to the Mauritanian news agency (AMI)

Ms. Mint BEKAYE recalled the context in which the COP26 is taking place, its objectives, and our country’s expectations, given its specificities and the dependence of its economic activities on natural resources.

Taking stock of the preparation process for the determined national contribution (NDC), the Minister recalled the importance of consultation and intersectoral coordination between his department and the different sectors, local communities, the private sector, and civil society to execute the NDC implementation plan efficiently.

Finally, Ms. Mariem Bekaye urged the members of the Mauritanian delegation to participate fully in the various events of the conference to draw the best lessons and forge beneficial partnerships for our country in different sectors of activity and at all levels.
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