Consultative Meeting to Strengthen Mauritanian-Spanish Road Safety Cooperation

Nouakchott,  04/11/2021
A consultative meeting between Mauritania and Spain has begun Thursday morning at the headquarters of the ministry of interior and decentralization to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the field of road safety.

Through this one-day meeting, the two sides seek to establish a framework for cooperation in this vital field by promoting the exchange of experience, expertise, and information. They also aim to enhance the training of specialists in road safety.

The meeting, which was supervised by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior and Decentralization, Ms. Zeïnebou Mint Ahmednah, will be attended by officials from the departments concerned with road safety in the sectors of interior and decentralization, defense, equipment, transport and health, and a high-level delegation from the Spanish Traffic Safety Department, headed by its Director-General, Mr. Pierre Navarra.
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