A training center To be opened in place of the former Beyla prison in Ksar

Nouakchott,  28/07/2020
Nouakchott, 28 July 2020 (AMI) - The Minister of Culture, Handicrafts and Relations with Parliament, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Ould El Ghaber, announced the forthcoming opening of a training and supervision center for the various mass media, in implementation of the directive of the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazwani, aiming to develop the media field.
In a statement to the Mauritanian news agency (AMI), at the end of a visit he paid, on 28 July, to the site of the former prison located in the district of Ksar, Western Nouakchott, called Beyla prison, the minister added that this center, which will house an electronic games pavilion, will be open to the public and particularly to young people and press professionals in the country.
He explained that this public facility will be built in place of the old prison, as part of an operation to restore the building under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Handicrafts, with the aim of modifying the negative image the compatriots have had, for decades, of this important installation, which is one of the historical monuments of Nouakchott.
Dr. Sidi Mohamed Ould El Ghaber indicated that, due to the importance of culture in building nations, and to fill in the void; the main enemy of mankind and particularly young people, the ministry is working on the opening of cultural centers in the various neighborhoods of Nouakchott.
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