Diplomacy of influence serving greater visibility

Nouakchott,  29/10/2021
Through its remarkable participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, Mauritania affirms its desire to be strongly present in the major forums of regional and international arenas. It seeks to strengthen its visibility in the world and projects itself into the dynamics that build future exchange networks and partnerships.

It thus deploys political, commercial, and cultural diplomacy through the synergy of a vast network of public and private actors to promote the image of Mauritania, past, and present. It also aims to enhance its historical heritage and its founding values, reconnect with its vocation as a crossroads of human, cultural, and commercial exchanges, and restore the country to its yesteryear influence and prestige.

This diplomacy of influence is a complete break from the policy of empty chairs and stands. From now on, more integrated and more “+ aggressive +” approaches accompany the soft diplomacy, the velvet procedures, the discreet contacts, and the exchanges. The space of classic diplomacy has widened to include all sectors, including culture, arts, commerce, sport. It is with this tendency that we must work hard to join the ranks of nations. Instead of confinement and withdrawal, there is the imperative need for a deep immersion in the fabric of international trade, a more solid anchoring to the world economy, diversification of partnerships, a capitalization of the experience and expertise of the other, an appropriation of know-how and mastery of standards. More than ever, it is a must to invest in all areas to conquer new markets, anticipate their development, consolidate the fabric of partnerships, and firmly subscribe to the dynamic of economic and commercial competitiveness.

It is a prerequisite for optimizing the capacities of our economic sectors and imprinting on them the development of harmonious and sustainable development, commensurate with the growth potential they contain, the hopes they arouse, and the ambitions nourished by economic operators.

Measuring the interest of qualitative participation in fairs, exhibitions, and shows, and overhauling the festival of old towns to which a new format and new local content have been attributed, the public authorities intend to make the best use of the windows to promote the strengths and advantages of the country, seize all opportunities, and develop all potentialities. For this, we have more than one card in our hand: A strong political will, a healthier business climate, an incentive tax system, a dynamic generation of entrepreneurs open to modernity, diversified natural resources, and immeasurable economic potential. In addition, there is a clear and favorable legal framework, strong involvement of the public and private sectors, availability of the financial market, and, above all, sound economic and political governance.

We also have the privilege of our strategic position at the crossroads of two important economic groups; the Arab Maghreb Union and ECOWAS; a position reinforced by the agreements and conventions with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the economic partnership with the European Union. So many anchors that help improve the competitiveness of our companies, increase their expansion capacities and reinforce our status as a safe destination for investments. It is the solid foundation of effective diplomacy of influence in the service of better visibility of the country and a greater appreciation of its potential. Expo 2020 Dubai will certainly be the illustration!

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