Potential Consultation addresses All National Issues

Nouakchott,  27/10/2021
The head of the Union for the Republic, Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ould Taleb Amar, affirmed that the upcoming consultation will address all major national issues without exception, in order to lay solid foundations governing our country, based on equity, justice and the right of all to full citizenship without discrimination.

And he indicated, during his opening Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Diplomatic Academy in Nouakchott, the preparatory sessions for political consultation, to be organized between the various components of the political spectrum in the country.

He called on political parties to bypass narrow partisan agendas to come out with satisfactory results from this consultation, highlighting that engaging in this process requires us to ensure the success of this path, through realism, rationality, deliberation and respect for the other opinion.

He pointed out that the political will of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El-Ghazouani, worked to calm the political arena, which helped to move from the mentality of tension and polarization to a more spacious space that accommodates everyone.

The four candidates for the 2019 presidential elections Mr. Biram Dah Abeid, Mr. Seyed Mohamed Ould Boubacar, Mr. Kan Hamido Baba, and Mr. Mohamed El Amine El Murtaja El Wafi were invited, along with all the heads of political parties, authorized.

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