Economic Affairs Minister Meets With National Committee To Monitor Coalition for Sahel Roadmap Implementation

Nouakchott,  18/10/2021

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Productive Sectors, Mr. Ousmane Mamoudou Kane, met, on Monday in Nouakchott, with members of the Coalition for the Sahel.

In addition to the members of the committee, the meeting brought together Mr. Djime Adoum, the High Representative of the Coalition for the Sahel, the ambassadors of the EU, France, and Spain, in addition to the spokesperson for the Sahel alliance, and the representative of the World Bank, Ms. Cristina SANTOS.
Discussions focused on the status of implementation of the roadmap commitments specific to Mauritania.

The participants appreciated the implementation of the part of the roadmap relating to Mauritania, calling it a model to follow, and suggested its presentation to the various members.
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