Minister of Economic Affairs Meets With Saudi Development Fund Mission

Nouakchott,  18/10/2021
The delegation also includes the Executive Chairman of the Medical Group, Dr. Souleymane Al Habib, Mr. Nacer Al Ghahbani, and Prof. Nacer Al Aghil, from the Saudi Company Leadership Program.

The meeting was devoted to the examination of the ways and means of the participation of the Saudi institutions in the acceleration of the realization of the university hospital of the guardian of the Holy Places, King Selman Ben Abdelaziz, in Nouakchott, especially in the plans of design, execution, supervision, and management.

On this occasion, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Promotion of Productive Sectors highlighted the exemplary nature of the cooperation links uniting Mauritania and Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of economic cooperation.

Mr. Kane, finally, highlighted the importance of the university hospital project for our country, and appreciated the expertise and the leadership of the Saudi institutions present.

As for the members of the mission, they stressed that they are in Nouakchott to overcome the barriers and constraints, which the project faces, and stressed that the hospital will be an example of success, along with fifteen other projects funded by Saudi Arabia.

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