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The President of the Republic receives the Chairman and members of the National Committee for Media Reform

Nouakchott,  21/07/2020
Nouakchott, 21 July 2020 (AMI)- The President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazwani, received, on 21 July at the Presidential Palace in Nouakchott, the Chairman and members of the National Committee for Media Reform.
During the meeting, the President of the Republic stressed the magnitude of the responsibility assigned to the Committee, which is to submit proposals for a comprehensive reform of the media sector, both public and private.
He also pointed out that the media is an embodiment of the freedom of speech and expression, which is a natural right enshrined in all constitutions, and of which the respect and preservation constitute a strategic choice for the state, and one of the main pledges.
His Excellency highlighted the role of the media in preserving and safeguarding values and constants and in enlightening and guiding public opinion by virtue of their being a monitoring, awareness-raising and guidance power as necessary the legislative, judicial and executive powers.
He mentioned, in this context, that both journalists and the public opinion agree that the problems faced by the media sector are serious and need to be promptly addressed.
President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazwani also affirmed that the most qualified to reform the media are the journalists themselves, given their deep knowledge of the reality of the sector in our country and of how it should be.
He also instructed the committee to adopt the broadest possible basis for consultation and to benefit from all experiences and competencies, reiterating his confidence in its ability to raise the challenge, and affirming the state’s commitment to take into account what it will recommend.
After the meeting, Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Weddadi, Chairman of the Committee, made a statement to the Mauritanian news agency (AMI), in which he thanked the President of the Republic for the importance he accorded to the media and the journalists.
He added that the President’s directives and his discussion of the various topics related to the sector are evidence of the great care he attaches to this field.
Ould Weddadi explained that the President is aware of the position that the media occupy in our society and the role they must play in the progress and prosperity of the country, in safeguarding its national unity and in preserving its values and constants.
He affirmed that they came out from the meeting with positive impressions that will enable them to start the mission entrusted to them in cooperation with all media professionals in public and private institutions, indicating that the committee will, upon the start of its work, determine the tasks and priorities for its work until it comes out with a comprehensive report that lives up to the expectations.
The committee was established by Decree No. 140-2020 in order to satisfy a demand of the journalists and the public opinion, in general. It includes:
- Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Weddadi, chairman;
- Abdallahi Ould Mohamedou, member;
- Elhacen Samba N’Gaidé, member;
- Kissima Diagana, member;
- Aicha Ahmedou Vall, member
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