Mauritanian President reiterates request for writing off Africa’s debt

Nouakchott,  16/07/2020
Nouakchott, 16 July 2020- His Excellency Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, President of the Republic, participated, on 16 July, in a high-level panel at the initiative of Jean-Claude Junker, former President of the European Commission, to support the establishment of a new Partnership between Africa and Europe.
This meeting, in which several Heads of State and Government took part, as well as former Presidents and eminent other African and European personalities, was intended to discuss the conditions for the creation of this new cooperation partnership called ‘Africa-Med-Europa’ (AME).
On this occasion, Mauritanian President made an important speech which focused on topics relating to ‘the relationship between Africa and Europe’; ‘The singularity of the G5 Sahel due to the magnitude of challenges it faces’; ‘The COVID-19 pandemic’, and ‘the initiative to create an Africa-Europe partnership’.
Regarding the first topic, President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani indicated that Africa - EU relations are deeply rooted in history and that they are nurtured by a deep and multifaceted cooperation but that they still do not live up to the ambitions of the two continents.
Mauritanian President stressed, in this context, that in addition to the African Union - European Union summits, the multiple cooperation tools, and the different exchange mechanisms, these two continents need additional lever to further deepen and strengthen their cooperation. This is how the Africa-Mediterranean-Europe Foundation, of which the establishment is supported by Mauritania, perfectly illustrates this great common purpose. It will be the essential complement to traditional institutions, as he put it.
Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani indicated, with regard to the second point, that the member countries of this sub-regional organization, which is chaired by our country, have decided to collectively and jointly meet the challenges of terrorism, drug trafficking, and development to enable the people of the Sahel to enjoy decent living conditions and to fight illegal migration in order to stop this drama in which young people are drowning and with them the future forces of Sahelian societies.
Regarding the third axis which relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the Republic stressed that, in addition to its recurrent development problems, Africa has been hit hard by the crisis born of this pandemic, with its devastating effects on our societies and our economies. He said that this crisis has brought to the light the fragility of our systems and shown how much we cannot escape our duty of solidarity.
In this regard, he recalled that the African States, and in particular those of the G-5 Sahel, which are already facing many structural problems, have been badly affected by the impact of the pandemic. This has resulted in a substantial increase in the poverty rate and in precariousness, particularly at the level of the most vulnerable groups of our populations.
While welcoming, in this regard, the support of our partners and the debt moratorium, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani stressed that these measures remain insufficient, however, in relation to the scale of the crisis and that the only solution for reviving our economies and dealing with the many challenges we face is the total and immediate cancellation of the debt of our States.
With regard to the fourth and last axis relating to the initiative for the creation of the Africa-Europe partnership, the President of the Republic specified, in this context, that this initiative is very timely and to build our bilateral relations on bases that transcend the formal links existing between our continental organizations, strengthen relations between our peoples and build a culture of peace and security.
He stressed in this regard that this innovative instrument will be an opportunity to address the issues of interest to us, such as the spread of violent extremism, socioeconomic, digital, and technological transformations as well as climate and environmental challenges.
President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani has expressed the wish that this new framework will not be another instrument but that it will serve as a real lever for cooperation between our two continents to achieve concrete results that positively transform our societies, and create a dynamic of complementarity and mutual aid between our peoples.
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