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President of the Republic Delivers Reassuring Speech during Trarza Region Visit

Trarza ,  06/07/2021
The president of the republic M. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, delivered a speech on the occasion of the visit to the region of Trarza.The visit in which he kicked –off the agricultural campaign of the year 2021-2022.
In the speech he confirmed that the security of our country is his main objective and that there will be no pardon to whomever he tried to jeopardize it.Our armed and security forces, in cooperation with the citizens, ensure the security of the country.
The president declared that the bad use of social media to spread fake news, hatred between the society and the spirit of serenity of locals will be faced with tough actions by our security and armed forces. His Excellency thanked the population of Trarza, officials, dignitaries and economic and political actors for the generous hospitality and warm welcome, explaining that the visit was part of the launch of the agricultural campaign for the year 2021-2022 and the launch of a series of projects aimed at improving the situation of the city and its inhabitants.
The President of the Republic declared that it is absolutely unreasonable, but rather unacceptable, given all these capacities mentioned, that we continue to depend on imports to supply our market, because it is a question of economic independence and sovereignty which cannot suffer from any compromise or lagging.
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