Economic Council Participates in Conference on Role of Social Dialogue in Labor Markets Regulation

Nouakchott,  07/04/2021
A delegation of the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council participated, Wednesday, by videoconference, in the symposium organized by the Arab Labor Organization on social dialogue and its role in the regulation of labor markets.

The participants in the symposium followed a series of presentations and interventions that included the establishment of social dialogue as a mechanism for regulating labor markets in light of crises, and the role of this dialogue in shaping the legislation and working environment in Arab countries.

This meeting aims to find a common working formula that brings together the three actors of production to set the conditions for dialogue between them and create mechanisms to support Arab labor markets during crises and strengthen the role of Arab institutions of social dialogue in reducing their negative impacts.

The delegation of the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council participating in the symposium included, Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud El Hadj Brahim, Secretary General of the Council, Mr. Mohamed Lafdal Chah, and Mr. Cheybani Bilal, members of the Council.
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