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President of Republic: We chose to develop our Livestock through exploiting derivatives, hybridizing races, and improving breeds

Timbedra,  01/04/2021
In his meeting with the notables of Timbdedra, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, praised the pertinence and importance of their interventions.

He added that such interventions carry visions of important strategic dimensions that enlighten all and provide useful proposals that reflect the preoccupations and aspirations of our citizens.

" regarding the development of the national livestock, I think that all your interventions were consistent with our vision in this regard. There is a consensus that the livestock sector is a vital component of our economic system, but still faces challenging difficulties that require our joint efforts to overcome them", He said.

He added that such difficulties lie basically in the abundance of the cattle and its spread across the country- estimated at more than 20 million head- which necessitate the distribution of such immense animal inventory across the country.

“In this regard, I think that our approach should be based on developing, modernizing livestock, exploiting its derivatives and hybridizing its races, making improvements to their various breeds and looking for external markets for the surplus of national consumption.

He declared " I do not hide that I was impressed by this fair, which gave me great hope for the possibility of developing our animal resource. I noticed that there are more important investments for the national private sector in the field of feed than I expected, and this does not mean that this production is no longer in need of developmtnt, improvement, and regulation.
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